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An autonomous group of pianists-pedagogues who teach chamber music at Department 2 (Piano, Harpsichord and Organ Department) and pianists-tutors who are directly involved in the teaching of instrumental and vocal skills. The Chair of Piano Chamber Music is headed by Prof. Katarzyna Jankowska-Borzykowska, originator and head of the Interdepartmental  Song Course whose subsequent edition is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Historical background

In 1978 Professor Jerzy Marchwiński, with the active support of the academic authorities (Rector Professor Bogusław Madey), established a new and unique structure, the Chair Of Piano Chamber Music. This was a rational decision for several reasons:
- organisational - there are two instrumental departments at the Warsaw Academy, i.e., the Department of Piano, Harpsichord and Organ and the Department of Orchestra Instruments;
- substantial - the pianist who collaborates with singers, instrumentalists, orchestras and other pianists, and is capable of playing an important role in instrumental and vocal teaching or the concert performances of their partners, is confronted with different problems from those confronting the pianist who largely plays chamber music in one-name ensembles;
- historical - chamber music is developing extremely dramatically all over the world, the collaborating pianist`s responsibilities are more demanding than before and therefore it is necessary to seek new systemic didactic solutions.

The Chair, which has now been operating for more than a decade, can boast a number of successes. Some are practical, e.g., an organisational framework for teaching and a syllabus have been developed, the rationale for dissertations in chamber music has been fixed and widely adopted all over Poland and accepted by RWSA, and qualifying courses have been given new impetus. But who knows, the greatest success has perhaps been in the sphere of mentality and awareness. The community of pianists who teach piano chamber music has integrated, a forum for exchange of ideas and opinions has been provided and there is now much greater awareness of how chamber music can and should be played.
The Chair was eventually suspended and underwent various vicissitudes but everyday life and the obvious distinctness of the issues involved in the training of chamber pianists always led to the spontaneous emergence of organisational units focused on this particular area. This natural evolution led to the establishment of the Institute of Piano Chamber Music, affiliated with the Department of Piano and Organ, in 1998, headed by Professor Jerzy Marchwiński. In 2002 the Institute was once again transformed into an independent Chair within Department 2.Since 2005 the Head of the Chamber was Professor Maja Nosowska-Pasławska.


In 2017 Chair of Piano Chamber Music announced the new 2-YEAR MASTER DEGREE STUDIES OF PIANOCHAMBER MUSIC. Faculty is conducted in a full-time and part-time programme, language of instruction is English. 
The studies provide students with choosing profile according to their preferences and individual talents. The curriculum contains among others the following classes: chamber music, solo piano, analysis of performing styles, score reading, interpretation of both contemporary and early music. 
Detailed conditions of admission available at 


1st All-Poland Competition of Duos with Piano

prof. Maja Nosowska

On 1-7 February 2012 the Chair of Piano Chamber Music of the FCUM organised the 1st All-Poland Competition of Duos with Piano (any instrument with piano or voice with piano), to which it invited university students, young musicians and secondary music school students.
The idea of this competition is best reflected in the words of Prof. Jerzy Marchwiński, one of Poland`s most outstanding pianists, who held the function oh Head of Jury:
"There are two aims of the competition: the first one is strictly professional, and the second one, maybe more important, is of psychological nature.
It will be an attempt to make young people understand the meaning of the notion of PARTNERSHIP as the foundation stone of successful being together with another person in private, social and professional dimensions.
The basis of professional music partnership in a duo, apart from the terminology, is no different from a simple partnership between people. We believe that partnership and its values are not discussed widely enough. We hope that the climate of PARTNERSHIP the competition will be held in, will bring its young participants creative reflections and will remain a permanent part of their whole adult life."
The competition was organised together with the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, "Partnership in Music" Foundation, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Centre of Artistic Education.
The competition also acquired the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Marshal of Mazovian Voivodship;
Programme 2 of the Polish Radio, Television "Kultura" and the press also provided us with the media supervision - accepting the fundamental role of the media in the promotion of culture, especially music culture, and the promotion of ART AND PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE, which are among the most important values of the human spirit.

For details and rules check the website: www.konkursduetow.pl
The 2nd edition of the competition (already international) is planned for 2019.

Prof. Maja Nosowska

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